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Apartment Pest Control San Antonio

In our area, your options for a quality company well versed in multifamily pest control situations, is limited. Numerous companies do not offer services to multi-family communities for a variety of reasons. Those who do, have very different ideas about what products and procedures to use in the multi family environment. One particular company has a growing negative reputation for watering down products, using 100 year old methods (out dated), using unsafe methods, and employing uneducated technicians. However they are best known for excellent sales techniques that include showering property managers with gifts, in lieu of killing bugs.

At Preston Pest Control, our main focus is to kill the bugs, so you and your tenants get what ya’ll are paying for. In doing so, we only use high end and effective products. One of our secrets to success is employing preventative maintenance in all units via building rotation schedules (example: service all units in building 1 on week one, all units in building 2 on week 2, etc..) that also includes any requests called in. A few months of this, with our high end products, dramatically stops a large portion of tenant complaints. san antonio apartment pest control

Pests in Multi-Unit Housing

Apartment pest control needs to be approached with a unique mindset. Tenants from all
walks of life bring in items sourced from a variety of places. If someone inadvertently
imports pests into their apartment, the entire building is at risk for infestation. Even a
single tenant with a sloppy, unkempt kitchen or eating area can attract rats, mice, and
cockroaches to everybody’s rooms. This is when the services of commercial pest
control companies come into play, as these serious jobs are only to be handled by the
most experienced technicians.

Common Pests in Apartment Buildings

Bed Bugs
When residents visit bed bug-ridden hotels or buy infested second-hand furniture, it
creates problems for every tenant in the complex. Bed bugs can spread rapidly and
silently from room to room, becoming a major issue in a short amount of time. They lurk
on public seating and counter tops, making their way into apartments by latching onto
clothing and handbags. During the night, these pests feed on the blood of people
sleeping peacefully.
Rats & Mice
Leaving out food overnight or allowing crumbs to collect lures in rodents looking for an
easy meal. Rats and mice aggravate asthma and allergies in people who suffer from
those conditions and transmit a number of diseases. Allowing dirty dishes to accumulate
or failing to take out the trash can have a ripple effect on every lessee in the building,
prompting the need for commercial pest control. Even more serious, rodents sometimes
chew through electrical wires and start apartment fires. This displaces innocent tenants
from their homes and lays a severe financial setback on property owners’ shoulders.
These large, foul-smelling pests multiply at staggering rates, with each of their egg
capsules containing up to 50 eager offspring. This can present a problem, since
airborne flakes of cockroaches’ waste and shells are known to trigger allergic reactions
and asthma attacks. Cockroaches also contaminate food with bacteria that causes
vomiting and severe food poisoning. Plumbing leaks must be reported to and resolved
by maintenance crews immediately, as water accumulation is the primary cause of
infestations. Damage from leaks can also spread quickly to other areas of the building,

bringing cockroaches along with it, though the pests can disperse through dry drains as

Banding Together to Eliminate Issues
Effective apartment pest control begins with tenants, who need to work together in
keeping pests away from kitchens and dumpsters. Remember that, in order to thrive,
insects and rodents require food, water, and hiding places. Eliminating one or all of
these factors in multi-unit housing can be nearly impossible without full cooperation from
tenants. The commercial pest control experts at Preston Pest Control work with
renters, owners, and maintenance staff to create effective prevention and treatment
plans. Leave nagging problems with rats, roaches, and bed bugs to our team of
licensed specialists and come home to the assurance that PPC is working for you.

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